Friday, June 10, 2011

Gendered harrassment in secundary schools: Understanding teachers interventions-Hyperlinks

In this article, Meyer presents a study of teachers’ perception of and responses to incidents of gendered harassment in Canadian secondary schools. Meyer examines why teachers fail to respond effectively, or at all, to gendered harassment, and she looks at the interaction of external and internal factors, and how they relate to teachers’ responses or lack of responses to gendered harassment. External factors,( formal and informal: institutional and social), and internal factors.
It is essential that educators and everyone takes responsibility to stop bullying and sexual harrassment, "quid pro quo" ("this for that)  in schools.

Harassment in schools is present, and teachers need the support of administrators to  intervene and stop it. Although, according to Meyer, "teachers are not trusting their administrators to support their actions and the feeling that they have to handle most non-violent discipline issues alone." Teachers feel that with large classes and heavy work load demand are obstacles that prevent them from acting consistently to many forms of harassment or even worst, ignore certain behaviors-which can have serious consequences.

Being aware of what's going on in your school, it is a powerful tool to  deal with many kinds of harrassment.

Homophobic harassment in schools":...I had to push for action when one kid called another kid 'faggot'."

Transgender harrassment it's another strong issue in our society that people should be aware of and educated about it.

It is crucial that parents and teachers act -fight back-to protect their kids, in order to avoid tragedies due to discrimination of all kinds. Actions, need to extent  to the whole school, not only particular students, to improve students' safety and school climate.

Something needs to be done to stop harrassment at schools. Kids need to know that there is help and support out there, they just have to seek for it with the guidance of teachers and parents-We all need to take actions, consistently, and do something to prevent harrasmment and its tragic consequences.


  1. I like how may clips you incorporate into your response. It shows how much it has infiltrated our media. I types in pheobe prince and TONS of other harassment suicides came up. As Lesly's clip from Ellen Degeneres summed up...Its tough enough being a kid now a days w/o delaing with harrassment.

  2. Excellent blog! Your videos were great. They show how big of an issue gendered harassment is in schools today. It is horrible how many suicides are occurring because of bullying! As teachers we have to do all we can to protect all of our students.

  3. Great job on hyperlinks. I enjoyed watching the different video clips you shared. You also have some great links which deal with the issue at hand. It is amazing how much information is out there on this subject.

  4. Wow great videos. I found some as well. I even found links for teachers and families. I listed them on my blog.

  5. Hi Marcia!
    These videos were really great! I enjoyed watching them...It's amazing the impact that bullying has on children, as well as how it is handled in school systems. I feel like it's sometimes pushed aside because teachers and administrators have other "more important" priorities. This is something that really needs to change!